On-Grid System

UTL's on-grid solar power systems are the latest technology, extremely efficient, and the most widely chosen solar systems installed all over India. Our on-grid solar system is a complete solar COMBO with high-efficiency solar panels, solar inverter, mounting structure, and other solar accessories. UTL’s on-grid solar photovoltaic systems are an effective solution for residential and commercial/industrial applications that shows your commitment to sustainability. On grid solar systems 1kW to 1mW. UTL specializes in custom-designed grid-tie solar systems that suit better as per your roof condition. Our grid-tie solar photovoltaic system is a modern way to save money on your power bills, increase the value of your property, and reduce your carbon footprint without losing the security of the public utility grid.

Invest Small And Save Big

UTL grid-tie solar system is the best solar system to grow your savings. You can save a large part of your earnings up to Rs. 2.64 Cr. by installing UTL grid-tie solar system. Let’s understand how it’s possible?

Most of the solar power plants fail because none of the solar panel manufacturers, solar inverter manufacturers or installer wants to take responsibility for it. Everyone blames each other in case your solar system fails. No one care about your loss.

Single Source Solution

Your solution to this problem is UTL solar. With the help of our complete On Grid Solar System, you can save your solar system from failure. We are here to take all the responsibility for your solar system.

UTL Solar inverters are known for their advanced rMPPT technology and high efficiency. They generate 30% more electricity than a normal solar inverter. Therefore, UTL grid-tie solar inverter is India's most preferred solar inverter.

UTL Solar always uses premium quality material for installations which neither gets spoiled quickly nor costs you much. Also, you get 5 years warranty on UTL solar installation, meaning you don't need to worry about your solar system at all.