160 Watt Solar Panel

  • UTL Solar manufactured 160watt solar panel with high efficiency poly-crystalline solar panel with 36 cells and 5 bus-bars solar panel, mounted in anodized aluminium alloy frame. Its power generating capacity is 5.7 amps current at peak. It is the highest capacity solar module in 24V capacity. It is also covered with 3.2 mm toughened textured glasses for a long term used.
  • 160watt is equal to 24-volts DC output, this solar panel is suitable for solar home lighting, small solar inverter, water pumping, off-grid applications, navigation lights, traffic signals and signals. This is a particularly good option if low light is a problem on your installation site. 160watt solar panel has top quality cable and mounting hardware system, it works well even in all weather. Tempered glass construction and high efficiency poly-crystalline solar cells are built in it.
Technical Details
Particulars Description
Solar Panel Rating 160 Watt
Panel Type Polycrystalline
Short circuit current 8.89 ampere
Operating voltage at Pmax VMP 18.8 Volt
Operating current Imp 8.56 ampere
Open circuit voltage VOC 21.6 Volt
Module efficiency % >16
Operating temperature -40 °C to 80 °C
Power tolerance 3%
Fill factor 77%
Standard test condition Irradiance of 1000 W/m square, spectrum AM 1.5 and cells temperature of 25 °C
Specification of 40AH Battery
Particulars Description
Maximum system voltage 100 V
Max. series fuse rating 10
No. of Busbar >4BB
No. of cells 36
Cell arrangement 9*4
Module dimension 1486*666*35 mm
Weight 12 Kg
Front side junction box >IP65
Frame Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Front glass 3.2mm Toughened Textured
Cables and connectors 4mm, AWG 1000V/mc4 connectors
Warranty >25 Years Performance & 10 Year Product Warranty

Unique Features of 160 Watt Panel

  • Excellent power generation even in low light irradiation
  • 2 mm toughened textured glass for front protection.
  • Highly efficient solar panels with more than 18% efficiency.
  • Available in various power ratings with 36/72 cells.
  • Superior performance in all atmospheres.
  • Anodized aluminium alloy frame for protection.