100 Watt Solar Panel

  • UTL’s 100watt solar panel is one of the top-rated solar panel with high quality ‘A’ grade solar cells and ultra-clear tempered glasses that doesn’t break easily. It has the ability to perform efficiently even in low light and cloudy weather. Our 100-watt 12V solar PV module comes with an IP 65 rated front side junction box.
  • The UTL 100watt solar panel is a bestselling solar panel in 12-volt solar panel. This is the best solar panel to be installed on existing single battery inverter for home. It is cost effective way to produce your own solar power and you will be able to power the small devices that you connect to this panel.
  • 100-watt solar panel price in India is reduced recently years. Choosing UTL’s 100-watt solar panel is best for you. There are traditional solar cells is used in solar panel that are made of silicon. Solar cells can be poly-crystalline (from multiple sources).
Technical Details
Particulars Description
Solar Panel Rating 100 Watt
Panel Type Polycrystalline
Short circuit current 6.3 ampere
Operating voltage at Pmax VMP 17.9 Volt
Operating current Imp 5.7 ampere
Open circuit voltage VOC 21.6 Volt
Module efficiency % >15
Operating temperature -40 °C to 80 °C
Power tolerance 3%
Fill factor 77%
Standard test condition Irradiance of 1000 W/m square, spectrum AM 1.5 and cells temperature of 25 °C
Specification of 40AH Battery
Particulars Description
Maximum system voltage 100 V
Max. series fuse rating 10
No. of Busbar >4BB
No. of cells 36
Cell arrangement 9*4
Module dimension 1006*666*35 mm
Weight 10.5 Kg
Front side junction box >IP65
Frame Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Front glass 3.2mm Toughened Textured
Cables and connectors 4mm, AWG 1000V/mc4 connectors
Warranty >25 Years Performance & 10 Year Product Warranty

Unique Features of 100 Watt Panel

  • Excellent power generation even in low light irradiation
  • 2 mm toughened textured glass for front protection.
  • Highly efficient solar panels with more than 18% efficiency.
  • Available in various power ratings with 36/72 cells.
  • Superior performance in all atmospheres.
  • Anodized aluminium alloy frame for protection.