Universal Intelligent Solar Charge Controller 10A for Solar Panel With LCD Display and USB Port 12V/24V

  • Solar Charge Controller supports battery charging when connected between the battery and the solar panel. On the LCD display you can see the charging status and switch modes conveniently.
  • With Overload protection, short circuit protection, open-circuit protection and reverse protection, the device will protect your battery and will increase the battery life.
  • amici Smart Solar charge controller work with 12v and 24v panel, you can set float voltage (Float voltage is max battery charge voltage), discharge reconnect (Load on after this voltage), discharge stop (Load OFF on this voltage) and work mode (When you set hours setting then load ON after sunset automatic).
  • Suitable for lead-acid batteries (OPEN, AGM, GEL) and not for nickel hydride, lithium, Li-ions, or other batteries. the device should be connected to the panel and battery both for the device to be working.
  • Note:- When connecting the controller to the battery make sure that the battery should be atleast 10.7V charged. (Color may vary)