Get Real Warranty UTL Inverter Batteries

Generally, the battery company offers a warranty of 3 years, but if the battery is defective, the cycle of replacement goes on for 15 to 30 days. Now in those days, they don’t care if:

  • Your child’s examinations are going on and during the power cut they are not able to study.
  • Other battery companies do not care whether you are able to eat your dinner or not.
  • You are not able to entertain your guests due to the faulty battery.

UTL Solar solutions of Inverter Battery problem

Considering this problem, UTL has come up with an interesting solution. UTL has designed India’s best inverter battery that is made using the latest technology and hence will not stop working. We are promising to give ₹1000 if the battery stops working. UTL is offering this because inverter batteries from other companies are failing and if you are troubled with our battery as well, you need to be compensated.

If our Battery Stops working you’ll get ₹1000 compensation

Now this is Real Warranty!